Welcome to my corner of the Mediterranean. As I can't be next to my beloved cradle ( though my spirit is always there ) I wanted to bring a piece of the same to this page. I was born next to the Mediterranean sea, and somehow this has influenced my attitude towards life. I try to sail through life as calmly as possible, and look at the bright side of the things. This page is only a portal for others pages I have made and some links I would like to share. Enjoy.



My husband's Cherokee page  pay a visit to learn more about his tribe and ways and send him some feedback, good Native American genealogist

Halloween pages my favorite holiday; check my decorations! 2005 , 2003 , 2002 , 2001,
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Cats Meet our will hate them immediately !

Mediterranian recipes Some recipes from the area that will bring you to the kitchen in a heart beat, try them!

Welcome to my garden 2004 photos, enjoy !




Official site of the Cherokee Nation  Pay a visit !







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